The Elflympic Games 4

2016 was the year that the Elflympics were first held, up in the barren, freezing hinterland of Yate, north Bristol. The brainchild of Twelfman, who decided that among all the serious, high-brow Blood Bowl tournaments in the area what the world needed was something a little more... insane.

The Elflympic Games is a tournament that focusses on the high scoring, high adrenaline games. It brings the greatest Elf teams from across the Auld World together for the chance to show off their skills in great displays of passing, running, scoring and (most importantly) showing off. Unfortunately, since the NAF has declared that any tournament of this size must be open to players of any race - not just Elves - the Elflympics has also attracted teams of specialist Elf-killers, drawn by the temptation to show off their own particular skills in unparalleled Elf-murder.

Many astutely cunning coaches have realised this truth as well, and have brought finely-tuned teams that are adept at beating these Elf-beaters. There are probably anti-anti-anti elf teams as well, but to be honest it’s enough to make a Wardancer’s head spin.

Of course, there are plenty of famous teams that have ignored the biased scoring system and are instead coming to show the world they aren’t done yet, as it is not often a tournament surfaces that will allow such seasoned veterans to compete.

All in all, a smorgasbord of teams from all walks of life (and death) have come together to compete in the inaugural Elflympic Games!

The First Elflympics drew to a close with the mighty High Elves of Wobert taking the gold medal!

Congratulations to Wobert, and many thanks to all the people that came.

Here's to 2017!

Here are some pictures!

Here are some more!

And here's a big writeup of the background side of running the Elflympics.


1. Nazgob

2. Angry Hobbit

3. Wobert

4. Jip

5. Eth4n

6. Nightwing

7.  Merrick

8. Glowworm

9. Leipziger

10. Buggrit

11. Gorgoroth

12. wwe2015

13. mawph

14. fallingdownjoe

15. Monkeytrumpet

16. Hawk

17. frogboy

18. HungDonkeyman

19. Hobnail

20. Barney the Lurker

21. Cornish

22. ploppy_mcploppy

23. dionysian

24. Hawca

25. sfisher91

26. smee

Then came 2017... The rulespack had matured like a fine mould, allowing for stranger and crazier rulesets. Stat Upgrades were now permitted (with a few stipulations - I'm not totally insane). Points were tweaked slightly, but Heartsbane absolutely ran away with the trophy, obliterating all competition. Fair play to him!

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