The Elflympic Games 4

Find (most of) the rosters used at the 2016 Elflympic Games to the right.

Below, find some of them that this years commentators had a few choice words about!

Melisthyce: Aaah, now this is a team. Look at them, arrayed splendidly in their colours, each player a veritable professional in his own right.

Aelth: Yes, they do look intimidating individually. But I wonder how their good their teamwork will be?

Melisthyce: Well, who needs teammates when you can carry the game by yourself? Right Ja’threny’ial? You know what I’m talking about.

Ja’threny’ial: Do not touch me.

Murbo: Why iz dey fightin’ eech uver already? Dey’s not evun on da pitsh yet!

Cursatiel: That fabled lack of teamwork coming to fruition, I see.

Melisthyce: Tell me, Oh High One, why doesn’t your old team - the Fiscal Falcons - play any more?

Cursatiel: Creative differences.

The Professionals - Chaos Dwarf - Nightwing

Aelth: Wow! The big man himself is making an appearance. Always a good show when Morg takes the pitch.

Melisthyce: Oh the death and maimery. He really is an artist.

Cursatiel: Who is the little fellow on his shoulder?

Murbo: Puggles! I love Puggles! He smells tasty!

Ja’threny’ial: Puggy, ahem, Baconbreath. A surprisingly robust halfling.

Aelth: Not just Puggy, a practical sea of halflings are following Morg.

Melisthyce: There's something about these flings that I like…

Aelth: Well apparently they have no qualms at all about going after foes double their size, triple even. They've also perfected a particular style of ball play, which involves booting the ball as far downfield as possible and hoping it lands near a friendly Halfling.

Cursatiel: Fascinating. Maybe we could get one to interview after at sunset?

Melisthyce: We'll be lucky to scrape enough of them off the boots of the other teams to fill a small bucket by sunset.

Half Pints of Chaos - Halfling - Angry Hobbit

Cursatiel: What manner of madness is this?

Aelth: I don’t really know how to…

Ja’threny’ial: This is abhorrent.

Melisthyce: Just, what, I mean…

Murbo: He he he! Is my team! Nuffink can beat us! Me ‘n’ five ov me mates, all ov us soopa doopa ogres! We’s can dodge, we’s can run, we’s can beat yer down! Harharhar!

Melisthyce: How are you making it up to eleven players?

Murbo: We’s found sum ickle green fellers dat we’s dragged along wiv us. Dey’ll be fine.

Aelth: Er, well, good luck to you, Murbo. Murbo? Oh, he’s gone. Ouch, there goes the referee. Oh dear

Mangolian Follies - Ogres - Nazgob.

Aelth: Well, this isn’t something you see every day. J Earlice is as reclusive as he is quick. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him actually play.

Melisthyce: Not only that, but we seem to have a Vampire team that’s devoted largely to the passing game.

Aelth: Well, when they actually focus on Blood Bowl, Vampire teams can do pretty much whatever they want. Ja’threny’ial: They become almost impossible to stop.

Cursatiel: It is when their mind wanders that thou hast to watch thyself!

Melisthyce: Well, only if you’re on their team, that is.

Murbo: I don’t like vampires. Dey taste funny and make my tummy hurt  :[

Pass Me Ze Goblet - Vampire - Twelfman

Murbo: Buh! Murbo hates ratties! Murbo can never catch dem!

Aelth: These aren't just any rats. Rumour says that these pesky mutants made a name for themselves in the wrestling rings of the undercity.

Ja’threny’ial: Wrestling?

Melisthyce: Like fighting, but much less entertaining.

Aelth: Their coach allegedly went from match to match picking the slipperiest, most brutally violent, and eventually the cheapest Skaven he could find, and signed them up for his team.

Cursatiel: Some of these foul creatures are abominable! Look at their appendages...

Aelth: Not just for show. The strangest thing about this team is their apparent courage, or to be more accurate, their lack of that all-to-prevalent Skaven instinct of wanting to get the skrit away from any form of danger.

Murbo: Maybe dey play wiv Murbo? Murbo wud luv to get all close an' pursonal wiv dem..!

Gnaw Pit Creepers - Skaven - Smee

Aelth: Some actual elves! I was thinking that we didn't seem to have many of them showing up.

Melisthyce: Nothing particuarly striking about this lot.

Ja’threny’ial: Yes. Well rounded, no particular weaknesses...

Cursatiel: A clear game plan in mind...

Murbo: Why is dey gots to come 'n' ruin a purfictly good Blood Bowl tournament wiv this tomfoolery?

The Elves With No Name - Elf - Hung

Cursatiel: This game has gone to the hounds I tell thee.

Aelth: Hmm, I can see why you think that. A team that has known some significant success considering their main tactic is grab ‘em, ground ‘em and then stomp ‘em.

Murbo: I like dem!

Ja’threny’ial: It looks like they intend to score with their Bull… thing? Why not just knock the ball loose and away?

Aelth: Good luck with that. That Bull is a monster. Once he gets the ball, it’s going to take some serious effort to get it loose.

Melisthyce: You’d need someone very strong to stand a chance…

Murbo: Ooh! Ooh! Me!

Murbo: Wahooo! More ogurrs!

Ja’threny’ial: What blight of the mind has encouraged such insanity?

Cursatiel: And how doth these monsters keep qualifying for such an event?

Aelth: Lots more Snotling runts in this roster than the last one.

Melisthyce: Excellent, always nice to have something to kill when avoiding the big, useless ones.

Murbo: See, dat’s a fundamental misnomer, an established Ogurr teem will focus on intricate ball-dexterity wiv the ogurrs demselves, leaving auxillery tasks to the superfluous, though sum mite say ancillery, snottos.

Ja’threny’ial: ?

Cursatiel: ?

Aelth: ?

Melisthyce: ?

Murbo: Wot?

Oga Fire - Ogre - Frogboy

Aelth: More elves, this time some nasty looking chaps.

Cursatiel: Doth mine eyes deceive me? Doth they bear weapons?

Melisthyce: And what's wrong with that?

Cursatiel: Well, if one were being strict about whether carrying blades to a sports tournament is in the spirit of the day...

Melisthyce: I fail to see the problem with this?

Cursatiel: You can see no concern at all?

Melisthyce: I refer you to my previous answer.

Murbo: I brung a big club on da pitsh wunce, but da ref tried t'stop me.

Aelth: What did you do?

Murbo: Hit him wiv my club.

Bleakburn Reavers- Dark Elf - fallingdownjoe

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